Guba - Khinalig tour

Guba - Khinalig tour

Guba is located 168 km away from Baku, on the north-eastern slope of Shahdag (Greater Caucasus), 600 meters above sea level, on the coast of Qudyalchay. Guba is one of the favorite tourist destinations by successful location and rich infrastructure. The Shahdag winter and summer tourist complex in this region is located in one of the largest national parks in the world and it is the biggest ski resort in the Caucasus.

Guba is rich for historical monuments. Among these monuments Juma, Ardabil, Haji Jafar, Sakinakhanim Mosques, Baba Rustam, Aghbil Tombs, Gumbazli Bath, Sohub Fortress , Dark Valley are famous.

The famous “Qirmizi Qesebe” located in Guba. It has a population 3,598 people and this town is the world's only Jewish town outside Israel and the United States.

Khinalig is a unique mountain village at the altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level. The peoples of village have own language and it makes them special ethnographic group.

Guba also is famous by its thermal healing waters. The Khaltan hot water, the Vero water, Guba naphtha water from Tanga valley and pure spring waters have therapeutic importance and because of it thousands of tourists utilize them.

Guba national cuisine has a special place in the national cuisine of Azerbaijan. “Guba tikhmasi”, “pakhlava”, “bukmesi” are one of the most popular sweets in Azerbaijan culinary.

Links for more information about historical heritage of Azerbaijan:

  1. Shahdagh Mountain Resort
  2. Red town
  3. Guba Genocide Memorial Complex
  4. Khinalug village

Guba - Khinalig tour ( 3 days / 2 nights from 210 $ )

First day

1. Meeting at the airport
2. Transfer to hotel

Second day

1. Breakfast
2. Departure from hotel
3. Qachresh Forest
4. Tengealtı canyon
5. Lunch
6. Afrudja waterfall
7. Shahdagh Mountain Resort
9. Accommodation in hotel

Third day

1. Breakfast
2. Red town
3. Guba Genocide Memorial Complex
4. Lunch
5. Khinalug village
6. Way to Baku

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The program can be prepared by your desire.