Shamakhi - Sheki tour

Shamakhi - Sheki tour

Shamakhi is the historical region of Azerbaijan. Here was the center of ancient Shirvanshahs. It is located on the south-eastern slopes of the Greater Caucasus.

Shamakhi region is the biggest vine-growing center in Azerbaijan. Shamakhi wine was not only popular in the region, also awarded in international exhibitions in the past.

Shamakhi is an ancient city, so there is numerous historical and architectural monuments. The Juma mosque (VIII-X centuries), Pir mardakan tomb (XIII-XIV centuries), Shahandan tomb (XVII century), 7 tombs complex (XVIII century), the Gala-Bugurt fortress (XII-XVI centuries) are examples of these monuments.

Gabala is located in the north-western part of Azerbaijan. This region has a very ancient history. Here was living from Neolithic period. Gabala was the center of Caucasian Albania, afterwards here was part of Shirvanshahs and Sheki Khanate.

The ancient “Kabala” was built nearly 2,000 years ago and had been the capital of the Caucasian Albania for more than 600 years. The ruins of the ancient Gabala are located 15 km away from the present Gabala, in the Chukhur Gabala.

There are many historical, cultural and architectural monuments in Gabala. Albanian temple in Amili village (IV century), Ustacan tower in the Bayram koha village (IX century), Haji Garib mosque and Chotari Alban church in Nic village, Sheikh Badraddin and Sheikh Mansur tomb in Hazir village (XV century), mausoleum in Shafili village (XVII century) are examples of these monuments.

Shaki is located at the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus mountains. Numerous monuments from early mediaeval architecture - castles, observation towers, churches, temples of the Caucasus Albanian were discovered around Shaki. Shaki Khan Palace, castle walls, Kish Albanian temple, Upper and Lower caravanserais are preserved till now. 

Shaki is also known with its delicious cuisine. “Shaki halvasi”, “fetir”, “bamiye”, “piti”, “Shaki gurzesi” are popular in Azerbaijan cuisine



Links for more information about historical heritage of Azerbaijan:

  1. Diri Baba mausoleum
  2. Juma mosque
  3. Yeddi Gumbez mausoleum
  4. Lahıc
  5. Ancient Gabala fortress – Chukhur Gabala
  6. Palace of Sheki Khans
  7. Caravanserai historical complex in Sheki
  8. Church of Kish

      Shamakhi - Gabala - Sheki tour ( 4 days / 3 nights from 325 $ )

First day

1. Meeting at the airport
2. Transfer to hotel

Second day

1. Breakfast
2. Departure from hotel
3. Diri Baba mausoleum – Maraza
4. Juma mosque – Shamakhı
5. YeddiGumbez mausoleum – Shamakhı
6. Lunch – Ismailli
7. Lahıc
8. Supper (Gabala)
9. Accommodation in Gabala hotel

Third day

1. Breakfast
2. Christian Udi Church “Chotaari” – Nij
3. Old church “Bulon” - Nij
4. Ancient Gabala fortress – ChukhurGabala
5. Seven beauty/Nohur lake (Lunch)
6. Gabaland
7. Tufandagh
8. Supper (Sheki)
9. Accommodation in Sheki hotel

Fourth day

1. Breakfast
2. Khan palace and museums in Khan palace
3. Caravanserai
4. Yuxari bash
5. Lunch
6. Alban church
7. Gilehli (tea time)
8. Way to Baku

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The program can be prepared by your desire.