Baku beachs

Baku beachs

Beaches of the Caspian Sea are known by their beauty and purity. Caspian is a lake, it does not have direct access to the ocean, but Caspian is called sea because it has oceanic crust at the bottom and has marine dimensions. In the Azerbaijan part of the Caspian Sea, the average salinity of water changes to 12‰. (the average salinity of the oceanic water is 35 ‰). Caspian sea is a lake and the river flows to lake are big, these are the reason of low salinity. In the summer season, the surface temperature of the water be about 26 ° C. The natural factors, dry and mild climate are very suitable for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and Bilgah Cardiology sanatorium is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan's coasts of the Caspian Sea has gold-red quartz sand, and its therapeutic significance is great.

Beach tour ( 6 days / 5 nights from 700 $ )

First day

1. Meeting at the airport
2. Transfer to hotel

Second day

1. Breakfast 
2. Highland Park
3. Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort
4. Supper (Fish restaurant)
5. National wines and snacks
6. Transfer to hotel

Third day

1. Breakfast
2. Icharishahar
a. Shirvanshahlar palace
b. Miniature book museum 
c. Maiden tower
3. Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort
4. Supper (National Cuisine)
5. Hookah night
6. Transfer to hotel

Fourth day

1. Breakfast
2. Baku boulevard
3. Carpet museum
4. Sea Breeze Resort 
5. Supper (National Cuisine)
6. Live music
7. Transfer to hotel

Fifth day

1. Breakfast
2. Modern Art museum
3. Sea Breeze Resort 
4. Supper (National Cuisine)
5. Pub
6. Transfer to hotel

Sixth day

1. Breakfast
2. Haydar Aliyev center
3. Bilgah Hotel Beach 
4. Supper (National Cuisine) 
5. Transfer to hotel

Hotel accomodation
Interpreter guide
Food costs
Entrance fees of museums

Air ticket

The program can be prepared by your desire.